CAB WIRING STARTS NOW! Reverse Camera, Lights, & MORE 3D Printing (EP. 10)

A week of micro-projects & wiring! For your chance to win your own Airstream Atlas and support a great cause, enter at

We’ve begun filming content for videos on the water tanks & the floor, but only once we’ve collected all the content & finished the project will we share it with you. We’ve found that when searching for “how to” videos on vanlife, some tend to drag throughout multiple videos due to vlogging schedules, so this week we wanted to share some of the detailed work we’ve been doing, including creating a whole new dashboard set-up, custom switches, and even revealing our ideas for a grey water camera and light!

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We’re Ladi (from Czechia) & Margaret (from USA) and we’re a location independent couple of 4+ years, currently spending 2020 in eastern Czechia due to the pandemic. This channel is centered around our favorite things: eBikes, campervans, and cats (mostly Millie, lol) Our world has definitely changed a lot since Covid-19 impacted our travel plans, but we hope to soon be back on the road with our awesome eBikes and little Millie Kua Maha, who is quite the traveler herself, and probably the most popular one in our little trio. Thank you for supporting us and being a part of this community!

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