5 Simple Machine Life Hacks You Must Know – Part 5

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#5. Jane vents her anger and fires Paul. Now she has to drive the tractor herself! It is a long time since … So many pedals and nine gears! O.k. preheating, starting and first gear….
features: tractor, shifting, driving, pedal pumping, mules

#4. Jessy will have a barbecue this weekend. But first the lawn has to be cut. Nobody there to help Jessy so it is up to her to do it. But the lawn mower does not want to start… It is a hard work for Jessy.
features: lawn mower, Pullstart, Cranking

#3. Crushing! The old bike crunches under the wheels of the truck. Monica shows that she has full control of the pedals – even in high heels.
features: truck, crushing, high heels, pedal pumping

#2. Ziwer’s beautiful hands and such a huge steering wheel: Will this work? Steering without servo. Hard work for this stunning lady.
Special for all lovers of steering wheel handling.
features: Steering, ,Diesel, truck

#1. Winter does not want to end. But Fanny doesn’t mind. She takes a golf cart and goes for a spin. She enjoys driving on slippy ground…
features: golf cart, electric, driving, rubber boots, socks

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